Hellenic Silk Company – Historical Facts


Greece has one of the longest and most important traditions in Sericulture and Silk processing in Europe. For many centuries, Greece has been supplying the largest Silk processing industries in Europe with Raw Silk. Sericulture used to be a very important sector of the Greek Economy where thousands of workers made their living by rearing Silk Worms. Several areas in Greece linked their names and their history to Silk Production and received prestigious awards and became famous for their high quality Silk products.

Hellenic Silk Company was initially established on August 6th, 1854 in an area in the center of Athens that has been named ever since “Metaxourgio” (Silk Reeling factory). The Company built the largest and most contemporary Steam powered Silk Reeling Factory in Europe of its time.

The Company had well established production facilities and trading links in Attica, Messinia, Laconia, Central Greece and Thessalia, it industrialized Greek Silk Production and acted as the coordinator of the Sericulture Industry in Greece paving the way to European exports.