Hellenic Silk Company Today


Hellenic Silk Company’s mission today is the restart and the viable development of Sericulture in the traditionally Silk Production areas of Greece as well as the upgrade and promotion of Greek Silk as a high value added exportable product.

The World demand for top quality Raw Silk and Silk Products is high and an organized and coordinated effort is necessary for their production.

To this end, Hellenic Silk Company provides support and coordination for this effort through a series of activities and services:

  • Organization, management and coordination of the Sericulture Primary Sector. (Setup and management of Mulberry plantations and standardized Sericulture units).
  • Establishment of Raw Silk Processing units (Silk Reeling etc) that will support local Fresh Cocoon producers.
  • Support and promotion of Greek Silk products and by-products to world markets through marketable brand names and a strong network of commercial representatives and associates.
  • Design and implementation of Contract and hyper-intensive sericulture.
  • Research and Development, Educational services and scientific collaborations with the World Sericulture Community and International Research Centers.
  • Commercial and Production collaborations with the main producing and high quality Silk Product consuming Countries.