Raw Silk


Raw Silk is the end product of the Sericulture Cycle. It is the product of Silkworm Cocoon Reeling.

One of the goals of Hellenic Silk Company is to produce Raw Silk of the finest quality and supply the Greek and International Silk Processing Factories with it.

Raw Silk’s classification depends upon several qualities and characteristics like size deviation (denier), evenness, cleanliness, tenacity, elongation etc. It should be noted that the silk diameter is not uniform throughout the length of the silk fiber, hence the “denier” index, a weight to length ratio. Silk fibers with different denier indices (20/22 Good quality grades are identified by the letter A.

The good quality grades commonly used are A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A. The finest quality Silk is the 6A grade that is rare and the most expensive to produce and buy.

Hellenic Silk Company maintains scientific collaborations with the International Sericulture Community as well as Commercial presence in the main Silk Importing Countries through exclusive representatives.