Hellenic Silk Company offers a full array of Services to all involved in Sericulture and the Silk Markets.


Sericulture Consulting


In order to achieve top quality Silk production, specialized and controlled procedures must be followed at all stages of the Sericulture cycle. Hellenic Silk Company “hand-picked” the best practices from the Sericulture Community and decided upon a specific set of procedures to be followed in every stage of such projects. A “Sericulture and Cooperation Protocol” has been established where all procedures are described in detail and must be followed by all cooperating Sericulture Companies/farmers.

Hellenic Silk Company provides the following services to cooperating entities:

  • Specialized Know-how of all aspects of Sericulture.
  • Administrative support for Government subsidized programs.
  • Management consulting of the Sericulture Unit
  • Product quality control and certification


Development of Vertically Integrated Sericulture Units


The success of a Sericulture related business plan depends on the appropriate plant design, equipment installations and plant management.

Hellenic Silk Company undertakes all development stages (business plan, design, installation, management) of a Sericulture Unit and offers all related services:

  • Choice of the right piece of land for mulberry cultivation.
  • Soil and water analysis.
  • Preparation of the Business Plan.
  • Design and building of the Sericulture Unit.
  • Supply of all necessary equipment and machinery.New greenhouses with blue sky
  • Staffing and training services.
  • Silk Reeling installations depending on the preferred degree of Silk processing.







Intensive Sericulture

Green beans peeling bark, Green beans, black beans and peanuts

Intensive Sericulture is used for the maximization of revenue per unit of land and implies the complete commercial management and efficient utilization of already available resources. Apart from Silk, Intensive Sericulture produces and exploits commercially several by-products:

  • Dry Cocoons
  • Organic Fertilizers – Compost
  • Animal Feeds
  • Biomass (Pellets)
  • Sericin (Silk Protein)
  • Parallel Livestock

chrysalis silkworm



Alternative Tourism & Sericulture


Woman. Perfect slim body. Beauty. Full-length Portrait

The life of the Silkworm is no less than a miracle of nature given the fact that it grows more than 10.000 times bigger during the growth stage of its 25-40 day life cycle, starting from the time the eggs hatch and ending when the cocoon is complete.

This monitoring of this process is very interesting as it is the introduction to the shiny and glamorous world of Silk while being close to nature. Sericulture is linked to Agritourism and is a very attractive tourist package combined with the traditional Silk producing areas of Greece that are by themselves already established tourist attractions.

Hellenic Silk Company organizes Silk Theme related activities where tourists can experience the Silk Cycle from mulberry cultivation and Silkworm rearing to the making of final Silk products (accessories and cosmetics) that they will be able to actually purchase.

Tourists can also benefit from the skin revitalizing properties of Sericin based cosmetic products in a Silk SPA.


Silk mask applying, beauty treatment young woman face at salon









Research & Development and Training Services



Hellenic Silk Company offers customized Sericulture Training Programs to interested parties combining theory and practice. This knowledge transfer will assist prospective Sericulturers to develop their business and produce high quality Silk products.

Hellenic Silk Company is involved in Research and Development initiatives in cooperation with the Scientific Community and offers its facilities for the development and testing of new and improved products.