The Sericulture Cycle starts the moment that the Silkworm eggs hatch and ends when the Silkworm transforms into butterfly, mates and the females lay their eggs. The duration of the complete lifecycle is around 50 days and the actual Sericulture process takes 25-40 days depending on the rearing conditions.


Each egg is about the size of the head of a pin. When the eggs hatch, the Silkworms are black and are2-3 mm in length. As they feed and grow they pass through 9 stages. Five instars during which the larvae feed constantly and exclusively on mulberry leaves and four moults, where the larvae stop feeding and change their skin to facilitate their rapid growth.

After the fifth instar, the larvae stop feeding and are looking for space to mount and weave their cocoons. A few days after the cocoons are complete they transform to butterflies and leave the cocoons, mate and lay their eggs and die.